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There are a number of advantages in selling your property quickly for cash. People using our service normally want a quick sale to resolve a specific situation and our service enables people to sell quickly to resolve their circumstances. There are many situations that puts a seller in difficulty and warrant a quick sale. We can help you achieve that sale.

Selling to us has many advantages, when compared to traditional sale. To start with, a guaranteed sale gives you a big advantage of knowing that you will achieve a sale within a set period of time. This essentially helps you plan your life after the sale. You don’t need to be concerned with broken chains and you can have the peace of mind of getting on with your plans.

In addition, a quick sale also saves you on expensive commissions that are normally charged by estate agents.

You also enjoy the benefit of selling using a very straight forward procedure to release equity from your house. A direct sale means that a lot of the complexities normally involved with a traditional sale are removed. There are no broken chains to worry about, no renovation (you can sell your house in any condition), and no worrying about the seller pulling out in the last minute due to one reason or the other.

Selling to us will also mean that your mortgage payments can be stopped so you don’t have to keep paying out the monthly commitment.

In order to help with the sale, we also pay towards your solicitor’s fees, to a maximum of. £500. Other benefits include help with the renting back of the same house if you do not wish to move and instant offer on the house as soon as you call us.

Contact us and learn how we can help you make the most important sale of your life easy and stress free. If ou are facing the prospect of a house repossession and would like us to help you to stop repossession of a house then also call us. Our experienced staff will assist you through each step of the way and we will work together to complete on a hassle free sale of your property. Contact us today


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